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Cladding System: Stucco vs EIFS

A regular person may have encountered the terms Stucco and EIFS. Some may have a minimal understanding of it while others do not have the tiniest hint of the concept. But for the professionals in the construction industry, nothing is really confusing about these two terms. This article might simply be a fun-read for you but it may also be informative and beneficial as well especially if you are fond of buildings and construction stuff.

Stucco and EIFS Differentiated
Where Did These Come From?
Stucco was said to begin from the countries Greecian and Roman culture while the Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) emerged in the “Land of the Free” (USA) in 1969.

Nature of Materials
Stucco contains the combo of materials like sand, lime, water, and cement. On the contrary, EIFS have polystyrene insulation board along with the base coat and the finish coat.

Weight and Thickness
A standard stucco weighs 10.3 lbs and 7-8 inches thick while EIFS is only about 2 lbs. Because EIFS is much lighter, it doesn’t need a high structural load.

Crack Resistance
These two systems might be highly crack resistant but specifically for Stucco, jointing or curing must be done in the perfect way. Moreover, EIFS coating is much more resistant to the movement of the structure due to its nature of flexibility.

Stucco and EIFS medium level of difficulty for patches and repairs but the former may require serious cleaning simply because particles could stubbornly embed on the surface. EIFS has the capacity to look good for longer months, so serious cleaning is not usually demanded.

Energy and Thermal Efficiency
One of the most considerable distinctions between Stucco and EIFS is on overall performance of energy consumption. EIFS is said to be more energy and thermally efficient than Stucco possibly due to the nature of its materials and the technique of installation.

Which Can Be Appealing to the Eyes?
Stucco and EIFS can be beautiful for any type of house yet the latter can be more versatile. Stucco can only make limited colors and designs considering the process of how it is made and i.e. by mixing water and cement along with other materials.

Overall Rate
EIFS is not the cheaper option but truly, the range of difference is not that far.

So, What is the Most Appropriate Cladding System for You?

In reality, your decision should be based on your personal preference. If you want unlimited design possibilities with great thermal performance, then you can have the EIFS. Yet as some web sources pointed out, if you or your children have this tendency to throw things on your wall for entertainment and other possible reasons, Stucco is advisable. In addition to that, you might like also to think about the makers and contractors of the cladding system. Choose the most reputable company like the Tampa Eifs or Stucco experts or whoever is the best for such endeavor in your area.

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