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The Need to Get a Car and Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

When a motorcycle accident occurs there are steps followed in order to protect your right to bring a personal injury claim. In order to protect your right to bring a personal injury claim upon motorcycle accident then the following steps are taken; seeking immediate medical attention, calling the motorcycle insurance company, taking detailed notes about the motorcycle accident, arranging for photos to be taken, repairing with permission, avoiding contact with other driver’s insurance company, if one has crash related traffic fines consult an attorney and finally settling the claim or lawsuit takes about two years. When seeking for medical attention it should be immediate as some injuries may not present themselves immediately after a crash but later could be days or hours.

Aside from seeking medical attention for your own well-being, legal system requires victims to prove they were injured in an accident and this is done through having medical records of examination immediately after the crash. As soon as an individual gets home then they need to write down all they can remember when the crashed happened.

The information should include the weather, road conditions, what they saw and heard and time of day. The notes need to be kept in a safe place until when one is ready to speak to an attorney. As soon as possible calling of the motorcycle insurance company needs to be done in order to report the crash. In order to support your claim then necessary forms need to be filled out by individuals.

Several photos need to be taken by either the investigating officer, insurance representative or you as an individual. The most important types of photos to take include; photos of your injuries, photos of medical treatment, photos of accident location and photos of the motorcycle. Photos of the accident location involves taking pictures from which each vehicle approached, any debris left and skid marks.

Medical treatment photos involves having pictures of you in the hospital with bandages, slings or casts and if walking in aids or wheel chairs if prescribed. Photos of your motorcycle involves taking pictures of the damage from all angles including the undercarriage. Photos of your injuries involve taking pictures of all visible injuries while they are still fresh from the accident.

The other step to protecting your right to bringing a personal injury claim is by not repairing the bike without permission. The motorcycle insurance companies have been using their websites to reach their customers as well as accessing the outside world. Their websites contains all the information about the services they offer. Information about the insurance company’s vision and mission statement is found on these website. Necessary stakeholders like clients and other government regulatory bodies obtain all vital information about the company in the website.

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